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10 Things to Ask before Choosing a Physiotherapist
Choosing the right person to help you can be a daunting process and the fear of choosing the wrong person can mean that you often end up not making a decision at all!


Here are 10 things that you need to ask yourself when choosing a Health Professional (They are may not be all as obvious as you would think but I guarantee they will may a difference to how successful your treatment will be!).  

1.  Are they highly qualified?

With different professional bodies and qualifications, it can be difficult to know how qualified health professional are.  As a bare minimum you should check whether they are registered with their professional organisation.  Physiotherapists should be registered with the Health  and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  This can be done by checking their website

2. Do they have a good reputation?

2. Do they fill your with confidence?

3. Do they inspire me?

4. Do you get on with them and trust them?

5. Do they listen to you?

6. Does your practitioner's objectives match your own?

7. Do they work out a treatment plan with you that you are involved with?

8. Does your treatment ob

9. Do you have a way of measuring whether treatment is being successful?

10. Am I making any progress?

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