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Patient Specific Functional Outcome Form

As a Chartered Physiotherapist and a member of the Health Care Professions Council,  Justin is required to measure the impact of health care interventions from your perspective.

This is done by using a Patient Reported Outcome Measure(PROM).  

The benefit of this measure is that it allows you to express the difficulties that they are having and how they are affected in a very personal way, whether it is the ability to get up from a chair or run a marathon.

It also allows your treatment to be tailored to you as well as allowing us to see how effective treatment has been in improving things.

All you have to do is identify up to three important activities that you have difficulty with or are unable to do and rate your ability to do them from 1-10.  With 10 being unable to perform the activity and 0 being the ability to perform the activity at the same level as before the problem.

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