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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is probably one of the most frustrating conditions to suffer with, and certainly a very complex one to treat.

There are four main things to know about Shoulder Pain:

1.  The pain is not a good indicator of the problem

2.  Don't always worry about the scans

3. EXrcise is almost always the best way to treat it.

4. Surgery should only be considered as a last option.

1.  Exercise is almost always the best way to treat it.

The shoulder is a very complex joint and unlike the hip which is a ball and socket joint, the shoulders socket is only a third of the size of the head of the upper arm bone, the Humerus.

This means that the shoulder is almost entirely dependent on ligament support (known as Passive structures) and muscle control (known as Active structures).

Because of this

1. don't just put up with it it will often not get better

2.  come for an appointment and assess fully what is going on

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