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Good Posture - Stop worrying!!

4 Essential facts and advice about posture...

1. There is no 'optimum' posture

We are all different shapes and sizes. Some big, some small. Some bendy, some stiff. There is a general belief that there is a optimum that will prevent or reduce pain and this is just not supported by the research.

2. Keep moving

Can we forget about posture then? Not exactly..... Problems can occur with sustained, awkward postures that lead to something that can be called 'Postural Strain'. This can lead to overload of structures in the body that can become painful.

The best way to avoid this is to keep moving and not spend too long in any one position, especially if it is an awkward one.

3. Become a Movement Generalist

So if we shouldn't worry too much about posture what can help? Movement and in particular lots of different kinds of movement. We need to provide lots of varied input that stimulates the Vestibular system. Challenging our body against gravity in different ways can help prevent and reduce pain. These activities include rolling, crawling, climbing, jumping, swimming and dancing.

This is why Yoga, Pilates, swimming can all be beneficial. It doesn't seem to matter which type of exercise you do, rather that you keep you exercise varied instead of only doing just one type.

4. A Helpful Posture Tip!

We know that posture is shaped by mood and all kinds of other social and emotional factors. What is much less well known is that it also works the other way; posture can create and reinforce emotional states!

And that’s not all. If posture can change emotions, it’s no surprise that it can also change pain sensitivity. So, here’s an easy science-powered pain relief tip: Stand tall! Assume a bold, confident posture. This will actually reduce pain — a little. A temporary reduction in sensitivity is hardly a cure for chronic pain. But take it anyway!

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